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We have designed the tray 3 times smart

We designed and built ABiPACK®, the smart ECOFRIENDLY pack.

By combining plastic and cardboard, we have achieved the perfect union: a fully printable surface – inside and outside – dedicated to communication and a tray capable of always guaranteeing the perfect conservation of the product.
Made in 2 separable and completely recyclable materials.

ABiPACK - FSC Cardboard


The FSC brand guarantees that the product has been made with raw materials coming from correctly managed forests in according to the principles of the two main standards: Forest Management and Chain of Custody.

ABiPACK - Less Plastic


Giving the structural task of our tray to cardboard, we are able to reduce the use of plastic by at least 50%. Finally, the tray re-enters the recycling chain.


Therefore RECYCLABLE with paper effectively and efficiently from a technological and economic point of view when used, through the currently most widespread paper technologies, mixed with other secondary fibers obtained from separate paper collection. Its recycling has a waste of less than 10%.

ABiPACK® is ECOFRIENDLY due to the quick and simple separability of the two materials and for its complete recyclability

Why are we talking about smart packaging?

For at least 3 good reasons:


We have made the entire external surface of the tray customizable, making 8 color printable sides available. But that’s not all: the plasticized layer that protects the content also makes the entire internal surface printable and usable. ABiPACK® guarantees an excellent impact on the shelf, thanks also to fresh and current graphics that have broken the patterns of the past, leaving the product ample visibility.


The type of material used and the predisposition to various types of closing and sealing, guarantee the freshness and perfect conservation of each product. In this way, a reduction in rotations is obtained and shelf life is maximized to promote the customer’s purchasing choice.


And last but not least, we have combined market needs with environmental ones, with the aim of creating an eco-friendly product. In this way, we have therefore designed a tray that allows you to separate the 2 components in the final phase of its life cycle, in order to be able to reintegrate them into the production circuit. Also for this reason we consider ABiPACK® the 3 times smart pack.

ABiPACK Separate e Recycle

The new system that writes and rewrites packaging

ABiPACK® is the patented tray that satisfies the needs of the consumer, the seller and the environment. Freshness, design and respect for nature, all in one pack.

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